Here’s what a few of our past clients have said about their experience with us:

“Koko is a ‘new’ dog and such a pleasure to take on walks and be around. Before her training with you, we began to wonder if we had not made a mistake taking on the rearing of a pup. We know now that it was the right decision, and Koko will be our valued canine companion for years to come. Thank you!” — Bob Banfield, ABC-7 Eyewitness News Team

“Thank you for helping make my life so wonderful with a well-behaved dog! Daisy attended your Boot Camp back in 2006, and it was the best investment I have ever made. She is the absolute best dog in the world because of you. Daisy will not walk through an open door without her command of ‘OK.’ I can leave the door open to feel the nice, cool breeze and rest assured knowing that she won’t run out the door. She has even seen a cat walk by our door and not bolted out because she knows what the command ‘Stay’ means. You have made such a difference in my life, and you have made me a believer that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you and your staff for the training and love you have given to me and Daisy!” — Barbara and Daisy

“Thank you so much, K-9 Companions, for teaching Guinness to be a good boy. He’s doing great—obeying the commands you taught him, and he finally knows how to be a pack member and we know how to be the pack leaders. Awesome job, and feel free to use our names as references any time. You work miracles!” — Pat Corcoran

“It has been one year since Lucky completed your Home Manners and Management course along with monthly refresher visits at your facility. We are convinced that your course has been one of the best financial and time investments we ever made. Now that Lucky has grown to his full 90-pound size, it is even more apparent that good behavior is essential. Without your excellent training, Lucky would not have become the high-level, cherished companion that he is. He comfortably ‘hangs’ with the family indoors and outside, exhibits excellent manners and obedience, is a pleasure to take on walks and runs, is trustworthy to keep home boundaries—in short, he is just right for our family. He has retained everything he learned, which is a credit to the effectiveness of your Boot Camp course. Thank you for the quality time and professional training from your entire organization.” — The Reed Family

“Our eight-month old puppy, Savannah, has just returned from your Boot Camp program. If you love your dog and want a tune up—or you’re ready to pull your hair out—K-9 Companions is the absolute BEST dog training facility. They are caring, consistent, and our puppy’s personality never changed. That was our greatest concern, and she was as happy to see us as she was to stay and hang out with the trainers and staff. She’s doing great!” — Kelly Fidel

“We’d like to say ‘thank you’ for a job well done with our Rotti, Bruno. I was a little skeptical at first, but Bruno is a totally changed dog. He is getting praised everywhere we go! Tammy (our trainer) did an excellent job—and thank you for coming to our house! Bruno is doing well with his ‘place’ command. He will be back at K-9 Companions in a couple months for his off-leash training course. Thanks again!” — The Marquez Family

We want to thank you and your family for everything you’ve done for us. Our son’s service dog, Cora, recently had to be put down after 12 years of loyal service. You would have been so proud of Cora. She has done so many things for Jasen over the years. She comforted him when he was down or sick, and she also helped to comfort and cheer up many other children when Jasen was in the ICU. She touched the lives of the nurses, too. During the times that he was in the ICU, Cora had to visit him every day to make sure he was OK. If she wasn’t able to visit, she would make herself sick with worry. That’s how attached she was to him and how much she loved him. Once again, we want to thank you guys for everything!” — The Strand Family

“We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for introducing us to this wonderful breed of dog (the Boerboel). It’s hard to believe that Zulu is already one year old. Thank you to you and the staff for being so helpful and being our resource for all our dog issues.” — The O’Neill Family

“I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. I really appreciate the job you did with our dogs Chase (Yellow Lab) and Maggie (German Shorthair Pointer). I was very pleased to see their response when Diane came to our house on Friday—they were very happy to see her, which spoke volumes. Maggie is doing great, and we are working with her every day, as well as Chase. Thank you so much. I will tell everyone I know about your facility and the great job you did.” — D. Torres

“Thank you for spending the time with Doc! We can tell she really enjoyed her time at K-9 Companions. We also want to thank Kandice for driving out to our home in Huntington Beach to follow up with her skills (and ours)! She is continuing to do well with all of her commands, especially waiting for ‘OK’ to come up the stairs. We look forward to seeing you in the near future for her long-leash training!” — J., S. and Doc Wilbur

“We’d just like to say THANK YOU so much for taking care of Brodie and Bella! Thank you, Tammy, for spending the time with them! We are so pleased and happy with how our dogs turned out—they are amazing! We definitely couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — D. and L. Gomez

“To my friends at K-9 Companions—I was so happy to have been trained by you. Because of you, I am able to be a loving protector and dear friend to my family. Love always, Blade” — The O’Campo Family

“We just wanted to thank you all for your help and for always being cheerful on the phone when we’d call to check on our dogs. Thank you for all your hard work and continued support, even after the dogs returned home. Thanks!” — C. and P. Svagdis

“Knowing that my 21 year old daughter and her husband decided to serve in an orphanage in Haiti their first few years of marriage caused my wife and I a bit of concern, given the kidnappings and other violence that occurs in such an impoverished nation. While we ultimately place our faith in Christ, we definitely feel better knowing that Atticus is there to guard Brittany, Rod and the home. Atticus has adjusted well to the heat and his patrol duties. Although he is just under a year old, he has definitely found his bark and always patrols the property, keeping an eye out for our daughter and the pre-school orphans she tutors. He has a great disposition as both the younger and the older orphans love to play ball with him. Thanks also for the three weeks of puppy Boot Camp. It made a huge difference in his obedience. Hopefully he can come back to K-9 Companions for more advanced training.” — Peter Bohlinger

“We wanted to thank you so much for the care and training of our puppies Sierra and Summit. We appreciate your kindness, knowledge and time in training our ‘wild dogs!’ Thank you again, and see you soon for our 30-foot leash training. Much love and thanks!” — H. and S. Morris

“My tail is still wagging! Thanks for taking such good care of me!” — “Rocky” Flores