For those who want their dog to be more than just a pet, K-9 Companions offers Level One protection training. This training includes alerting to certain cues and turning aggression on and off on command.

Level One protection does not include any biting or attack training.

Defensive Mindset

The purpose of Level One protection training is to instill a defensive mindset in your dog. Many families feel safer knowing that their dog can alert them to a stranger’s presence or suspicious activity in the home. Defensive-minded dogs also make great jogging and walking companions.

In this training, your dog will learn:

  • To be social with family and friends but suspicious of strangers
  • To threaten on command
  • To cease aggression on command
  • To alert and threaten while in the house as well as in the car, outdoors or on a leash
  • To check the house for intruders on command


Not all dogs are suited for protection work. Before signing up for protection training, contact us to schedule a free evaluation so we can see if your pup has the temperament and trainability for this work.