If you’ve recently bought or adopted a puppy—or if you’ve had a dog for a few years—you know how much joy these animals can bring to your life. However, you’ve also probably experienced a few doggy frustrations, too. Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Barking excessively
  • Soiling
  • Chewing up or destroying things in the house
  • Jumping on and sniffing guests
  • Aggression
  • Biting/nipping
  • Digging

Boot Camp also addresses the most common negative canine behaviors, including:

  • Excessive/unwanted barking
  • Chewing/destroying items in the home
  • Aggression
  • Soiling the home
  • Biting/nipping
  • Digging

The good news is that these are all very common canine behaviors—and they all can be corrected with proper training.

Obedience and Manners

At K-9 Companions, we offer basic obedience and manners training that includes:

  • Fundamental commands (Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, Down)
  • Stopping at doors/gates
  • Stopping at curbs/not running into the street
  • Laying down in “place” (bed, rug, blanket, etc.)

Training Options

We have several options available for basic obedience and manners training:

  • K-9 Boot Camp, our signature program
  • In-home training
  • Field lessons at our Southern California facility

Human Training

Controlling canine behavior is all about understanding your place as the “pack leader” and the proper communication of commands. Along with teaching your dog to understand and obey basic commands, we will also train you, the owner, on how to assert yourself as the dominant force in the dog’s life and to properly communicate desired behaviors to him or her. This includes giving praise and rewards for good behavior and proper correction when needed.

Free Consultation

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