Our training style is based on an understanding of canine psychology and the dog’s inherent need for boundaries. Once a dog understands his place in your “pack,” you will see dramatic changes in his behavior.

Positive Reinforcement, Motivation & Correction

At K-9 Companions, we believe in positive reinforcement and motivation.

Depending on factors like breed and temperament, different dogs are motivated by different things: some work for food, others for praise, and others for toy. The trick is learning what motivates your dog and using that as a training tool.

Once the dog has reached a certain level of learning, mild correction is added to the mix in the form of:

  • A training collar
  • Use of “No” (or an equivalent word)
  • Instinctual correction (bad taste/smell/sound)

We use these tools and training methods to teach the dogs to make their own decisions based upon the proper communication of desired behaviors. This means that our job includes training you, the dog owner, on proper canine communication as well.

Use of Training Collars

We use:

  • Flat collars for delicate breeds/temperaments
  • Slip collars for average size/temperament
  • Pinch collars for aggressive breeds/dominant temperaments

Ultimately, effective dog training incorporates a healthy balance of praise, rewards, mild correction and natural consequences—all of which are utilized at K-9 Companions.